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Helyek száma: 194
Szobák száma: 83
Apartmanok: 9

SANATORIUM POLONIA is located in the centre of Kudowa Zdrój, one of the most beautiful and oldest holiday centres in Poland, located on the southern slopes of the Stołowe Mountains, near the border with the Czech Republic. The mild climate, fresh air and mineral waters as well as fine landscapes and many landmarks make this area undoubtedly attractive.

Stylish, impressive building of Polonia is the essence of the spa, a place where historical traditions interact with the comfort of modernity. Setting of the spring park and other architectural monuments create an atmosphere that recalls the spirit of the tradition of the old holiday centres which soothes nerves, relieves tension and stress, and heals the heart, in addition to crystal clear air and water rich in essential elements for life. The visitors in addition to elegant rooms and elegant dining rooms, medical care, rehabilitation and opportunities for active recreation [courts, waterpark], will also find something "for the soul" - the sanatorium has the S. Moniuszko Theatre, which hosts the most important cultural events in the city.


Moniuszki street 2
43-385 Kudowa-Zdrój
Szélességi és hosszúsági: 50.443375,16.246904
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