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Helyek száma: 90
Szobák száma: 48
Apartmanok: 4

The centre is situated in Łagów, a “pearl of the Lubuski region”, on the Łagowskie Lake. The distance to Torzym, where the access to A2 motorway linking Warsaw and Berlin is, amounts to 20 km.

The facility is situated in a picturesque region, surrounded by lakes, beech forests and morainic hills. Guests are offered high standard rooms. Their characteristic feature is a modest and elegant decoration, where the feelings of quietness and relax prevail. Rooms are spacious and functional. The “Słoneczna” restaurant chefs try to promote healthy and regular nutrition. Following the motto “Eat to live, do not live to eat”, they help clients get acquainted with new tastes linking wholesome and low-calories ingredients. In the spa centre, located in an atrium with a glass roof, where exotic plant species grow, guests can enjoy numerous treatments and massages. In the neighbourhood there is an attractively equipped swimming pool.


66-220 Łagów
Tartomány: LUBUSKIE
Szélességi és hosszúsági: 52.334483,15.297687
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E-mail: melinda.farkas@pot.gov.pl