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Wysowa Spa


Erőforrások Spa
- Gyógyvízek

The spa is located in a mountain valley of the Ropa River, among the hills of the Low Beskid, away from civilization. Clean air, undisturbed peace, mineral waters healing respiratory, digestive and urinary diseases.

Interesting terrain, beautiful landscape at any time of year and a wide range of spa services allow guests to rest and take medical treatment. The guests can enjoy Spa Park with area of several hectares.

The biggest attraction and the greatest resource of the Spa Park is rich mineral water with free access. Patients and visitors can use them with virtually no restrictions. Unlike in other spas, the use of mineral waters in the Park is free.

The characteristic features of Wysowa landscape are forests whose dense complexes are visible at the entrance to the resort.


Wysowa-Zdrój street 149
38-316 Wysowa-Zdrój
Szélességi és hosszúsági: 49.436694,21.177417
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Óbuda Gate Irodaház
E-mail: melinda.farkas@pot.gov.pl