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Andersen's Theatre


The magic of theatre for the youngest.

Andersen's Theatre is regarded as the theatre consistently introducing new drama which is not afraid of thematic diversity or of mixing thematic conventions. Synthetic poetic theatre based on Korczak's  idea that "a child is also a man." We are a theatre of dialogue on both sides of the ramp.

Each of us was a child ... and remember how delightful  the world of fairy tales and fantasy was for us. These were the stories passed on by grandparents, read aloud by parents. This world of children's books exists in our imagination. Every day this very world comes to life on the stage of  H.Ch.Andersen's Theatre.


Dominikańska street 1
20-111 Lublin
Tartomány: LUBELSKIE
Szélességi és hosszúsági: 51.2473,22.5706
Lengyel Idegenforgalmi Szervezet ul. Chałubińskiego 8, 00-613 Varsó, Lengyelország
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