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Archaeological Museum of the Central Odra River Region


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The Museum shows the archeological heritage of Central Odra River region.

This Museum is located in the Kietlicze family palace which was built in the renaissance style at the beginning of 17th century. Among the Museum’s permanent exhibitions, one that must not be missed is the exposition dedicated to archeological digs in Wicina, on a site where people from the Lusatia culture once lived. On display are earthenware items, various tools and equipment connected with worship as well as jewellery. Of special interest is a copy of the famous Scythian treasure. In the remaining rooms one can find objects of La Tène (4 – 1 century BC), Roman (1 – 4 AD) as well as early and late Middle Ages. In the hall one may see the fragments (ornaments) from the palace in Lubniewice. On the first floor there is a chapel of 17th century with preserved palace frescoes. Museum organizes open air feasts for children and adults. It also rents the rooms for chamber meetings or conferences.


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