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Baroque Figure of St.John of Nepomuk

Baroque Figure of St.John of Nepomuk - a legend that is worth learning.

Baroque figure from 1733 presents an image of St.John Nepomuk who is a patron of good confession and confessors. A pole rises on a multilateral socle. On the pole there is situated a figure of St.John Nepomuk with angels at his feet. St.John of Nepomuk was a confessor of Zofia, a wife of Czech king Wacław. As the legend says, St.John was murdered on the king's order because he rejected to break the secret of the queen's confession. According to tradition he was a patron of protection of fields and sowing against flood and draught. That is why You can find figures with his image standing in a field, on a road, on a bridge of a river. Nowadays, St.John of Nepomuk is considered to be the patron of rescuers, good confession and confessors.


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