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Basilica of Holy Spirit



15th century Church rich in masterpieces of sacred art.

In 1430, the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem began to build a new Church. The temple was completed in 1470, and three years later was consecrated. Gothic Church was surrounded by defensive wall, a tower and monastic buildings. The three towers, including the main and two side towers, were crowned with the symbol of the Order - a cross with double arms. The Church has a 40-meter tower, which houses the entrance to the Church and bears the Tarnowski family crest - Leliwa.
One of the most important religious relics is the main altar from 1693, and a replica of the tomb of Christ in Jerusalem, whose construction began in 1697. The tomb chapel in the Renaissance style was consecrated in 1727. It was modelled on the chapel of the convent in Miechów, which is a copy of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

The most important relics of the Church:
1. Epitaph painting of Rafał Tarnowski family

2. Bronze baptismal font from 1400
3. Pulpit of 1713, richly carved and gilded

4. Baroque stalls from 1751

5. Epitaph painting of the Crucifixion, 17th century


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