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Brewery Museum in Zywiec



An interesting exhibition presenting the history of brewing beer at one of the oldest breweries in Poland

The Zywiec Brewery is one of the oldest in the country. It was founded in 1856 by the Archduke Albrecht Fryderyk Habsburg. 150 years later, in the oldest part of this historic brewery, an fascinating museum was established. Visitors will hear interesting stories, see working equipment from decades ago and finally taste the excellent Zywiec beer.

The museum is housed in the former, carved out of rock, laying-down cellars at the lowest level of the Zywiec Brewery. In 18 rooms, with a total area of 1600m², unique exhibits have been amassed illustrating, in an attractive way, the history of both brewing and the Zywiec Brewery itself over many years.

The tourist route in the museum starts in the Room of the Three Elements where the raw materials for the production of beer are presented. Further rooms contain exhibits showing the processes of beer production over the decades. To reflect on the climate of the era the museum reconstructed a 19th century street and Galician tavern. Other parts of the exposition tell the story of the Zywiec Brewery between the wars, during World War II and the time of Socialism until today.

Brewery Museum in Zywiec (woj. Slaskie)





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