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Castle in Gniew


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This is probably the grandest fortress of the Teutonic Knights and situated on the left bank of the River Vistula. Today it is one of the popular centres showcasing medieval culture in Poland.

The castle in Gniew is considered the most powerful fortress of the Teutonic Knights on the left bank of the River Vistula. It was built at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries. Initially it housed a convent and was the seat of the Teutonic commanders but in Polish times it was the Governor’s residence. Over the centuries the castle was rebuilt many times, especially in the 19th century, when it was transformed into a granary and also a prison, significantly altering the original layout of the interior and destroying the elements of Gothic architecture.

But the biggest damage was done in 1921 during a great fire. After this event the castle gained the status of a permanent ruin protected by law. The reconstruction of the fortress began much later and still goes on to this day.

Currently the fortress in Gniew is the property of the Castle Gniew Company. Within its walls is also a branch of the Archaeological Museum of Gdansk and several historical staging groups. Since 1992, spectacles, historical re-enactments and tournaments of chivalry have been held here which have made the castle in Gniew one of the main centres for showcasing medieval traditions in Poland. Also conferences, conventions, teaching symposiums and historical fetes are held here thrughout the year.

Castle in Gniew (woj. Pomorskie)



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