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Thiel Mill- Żędowice



Both the place and the mill building itself can "boast" a rich history.

Żędowice mill has remained in the hands of the Thiel family since 1864. At that time the great-grandfather of the present owner, Mr. Alfred Thiel, bought a mill with farm buildings from the company Minerva. Despite the misfortunes and accidents that have affected the farm, in the 1930s flood destroyed part of the residential buildings, 20 years later a fire destroyed part of the mill, the architecture has been preserved to this day. In 2000, the economic situation in the country and therefore unprofitable operations and maintenance of the mill caused discontinuation of grinding grain. It is the only mill of this kind in the area.
Although it no longer fulfils its original function, all machinery and equipment have been preserved in their original condition. The historic part of the mill is available to the public. On request it is possible to make a demonstration of milling wheat.
Because of the economic situation and a convenient location on the river, the owners decided to install a water turbine and transform the mill into a small hydroelectric plant in 2000. The Thiel became thus one of the few people and institutions in the area using alternative energy sources. Energy discharge capacity is 25 kW/h


Stawowa street 21
47-120 Żędowice
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