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Amber Museum in Gdansk



The first museum devoted exclusively to amber.

Amber is particularly associated with the Baltic region as the deposits here are the most abundant and its connection with Gdansk has a specific nature and century-old tradition, dating back to the time of the amber routes. In 2006, in the historic Fore Gate complex on Dluga Street (made up of the Torture Chamber, the Neck and the Prison Tower) a new branch of the Museum of the Historic City of Gdansk was opened – under the name the Amber Museum.

This is the first museum in Poland entirely devoted to amber. Its exhibits, relating to amber, show it in its natural state, methods of extraction, history of the trade routes, uses in medicine, as a magical stone and an artistic material. The museum collection is displayed traditionally but also uses multimedia presentations for educational purposes and to enhance the attractiveness of the exhibition.

The pride of the exhibition, on loan from a private collector in Munich, is a collection of historic examples of amber art, made in Gdansk in the 17th and 18th centuries. The work of artists from Gdansk in different fields is also displayed, starting with applied art to contemporary installations where the amber is used as the basic material.

Amber Museum – Gdansk (woj. Pomorskie)



Targ Węglowy street 26
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