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Church of St. James in Sandomierz



Church of St. James is one of the oldest and most valuable architectural monuments in Sandomierz and in Poland. It was built in 1226-1250 for the Dominicans.

The founder was Bishop of Cracow Iwo Odrowąż. The temple stood on the site of an earlier Church, founded at the end of the 12th century by the daughter of Casimir the Just, Princess Adelaide. Odrowąż Church was built as a three-aisled basilica with a longer three-span chancel. Attention is drawn to late Romanesque ceramic decoration of the facade, especially of the northern portal. Eastern top of the main body of the temple and the chancel are decorated with lattice. The chancel itself has a cross-barrel vault with lunettes and stucco decoration of the late Renaissance. Chapel of St. Hyancinth and Our Lady of the Rosary, designed in the 20th century, are adjacent to the southern aisle. They are connected to the northern nave with early-Baroque Sandomierz Martyrs Chapel, built on a square plan.
The peculiarity of the temple, besides great interior and design, is the 13th -century cabinet with bones of religious martyrs, extracted from the graves, and bearing the traces of Tartar arrows. The chancel includes the sarcophagus of Princess Adelaide made of a single block of oak. Fragment of altar polyptych from the late 16th century presents a series of saints painted on wood.


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