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Etnographic Museum in Grociarnia



In 1976, in the House of Culture in Jastrzębia there was created mini ethnographic museum “Grociarnia”. Museum's collections contain all sorts of objects related to the life of the former inhabitants of the Foothills Ciężkowickie.

Collected monuments depict the old methods and tools, daily life and customs of the region. Collected exhibits can be divided into several thematic groups.

Featured are:
-fiber processing tools (such as coral, brushes, crush, whorl of krężlami, spinning wheel, loom, primitive tools for turning hemp ropes)
- blacksmith tools and products
- carpenter-tools
,-measurement tools
-all the equipment of the farmhouse (chests to store clothes, crib, kitchen appliances such as clay pots, jugs wires, “dynarek”, keel to the breaking of pepper, salt and sugar, wooden troughs, sieves, charcoal irons).

The original exhibit is a wooden hull of an old well with a length of 250 cm and a diameter of 100 cm excavated of earth while digging a well in 1974, at Mr. Rudolf sausages in the Hawks (Farm). The former Ranger St. Golinowski calculated the age of fir trunk, in which the hollow was well, for about 400 years.


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