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Landscape park in Moszna



We invite all of You for walks to the beautiful park, one of the biggestin Silesia. The area of the park is varied thanks to its ponds, numerous canals and boulevards.
Present park is established in the place of a regular baroque garden with geometric character from XVIII cent.,transformed into landscape park in the second half of XIX cent. One of the biggest in Silesia, embracing 100ha with surrounding forests. Next to the entrance- gate with gladiators and lions. Axis foundation accented by canal with enbankment and antique, over 200 years old linden boulevard with 300 years old red oak boulevard, are the remainders of the former garden. Beauty of the park is completed by azalea bushes, rhododendrons and curios of old exotic trees. Further, there are marmour pedestal-remainder of monument of Hubert von Tiele-Winckler(originally with the bronz remainder) and little ancestral necropolis with stone cross and marmour headstones(Hubert's, his 2 wives and son's with family). Double-breasted boulevard with 13 Pedunculate Oaks and 2 Eastern White Pines, which open the boulevard from the palace side, are signed in theprovincial register of monument trees. About 350 years old oaks are 460-606m wide(in perimeter) and 18-24m high.Over 180 years old pine is one of the oldest in the country.There are also two 25m-high Robinias(200 years old) that belong to the oldest trees in the park;they grow up next to the palatial pond.


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