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Mount Saint Anne Landscape Park





It includes Chełm with the highest peak of Mount St. Anne (400 m above sea level), where on the top and slopes is a sanctuary of St. Anne and a monastery complex and scenic Calvary.

The core of this volcanic hill is a basaltic rock pillar, which is the mouth for the volcano magma to the crater. In one of the many disused quarries there is a geological reserve of Mount Saint Anne, which is an illustration of the geological structure of the area. Specific soil and climate influenced the evolution of vegetation. Woods, formerly common, now occupy only 21% of the park and are diverse and cut through by farmland. In terms of nature, however, they are varied and very interesting. There are beech, coniferous and mixed stands. The most valuable natural forest areas are protected as a nature reserve creating e.g. the reserves to protect the beech: Lesisko, Boże Oko, Grafik, Biesiec, geological reserve or flora reserve Ligota Dolna. In 2004, Mount Sainte-Anne – a cultural and nature landscape, bewitchingly beautiful and unique, has been considered a historical monument. There are also efforts to include it on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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