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Nature Reserve Kamień Śląski



The commune of Gogolin invites for walks to the reserve of nature "Kamień Śląski" with the standpoint of a rare and protected by law Sorbus Torminalis also called Wild Service Tree.
The reserve of nature "Kamień Śląski"(established for scientifitc aim after II World War), it is a mixed forest ranging 13,7 ha, between Kamień Śl. and Górażdże, with a standpoint of a rare and protected by law Sorbus torminalis also called Wlid Service Tree. Because of its look, it reminds rowan but is different due to its leaves' shape (similar to maple' leaves) and russet fruits. It is the biggest agglomeration of that tree in area of Opole Lands (Opolszczyzna), known for scientists for 100 years. In the leg of the reserve, about 200m far from a quarry, there grows one of the oldest specimen of those species. It is about 180 years old, with stem girth of 204cm and 25m high. Among protected vacular plants, there are: Cephalanthera damasonium, Lesser Butterfly -orchid, Broad-leaved Helleborine, Woodruff, European Wild Ginger (Asarabacca). Moreover, there are 50 kinds of moss, 10 species of liverworts, 27 species of slime mold.


Tartomány: OPOLSKIE
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