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Silvarium Forest Garden




Nadleśnictwo Krynki
16-113 Poczopek
Tartomány: PODLASKIE

Silvarium Forest Garden was founded as an means of conveying the mysteries of the forest and its natural rhythm in a unique and interesting way. Silvarium is often called the forest pharmacy because of the abundance of herbs.

You can see here all the trees typical for the Puszcza Knyszyńska Forest, the unique phenological clock and calendar, telling not only the time of day but also the time of the year due to the cyclicity of natural phenomena. It enabled herbalists to choose the best time to gather medicinal plants – the optimal time of day, month and year. Each herb is given its own "simplified recipe" used in folk medicine. Silvarium was awarded with the Podlasie Best Brand 2005 (Podlaska Marka Roku 2005).


Tartomány: PODLASKIE
Szélességi és hosszúsági: 53.2619,23.6449
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