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Sobibór Landscape Park




Sobiborski Park Krajobrazowy
Tartomány: LUBELSKIE

Sobibór Landscape Park was founded in 1983 to protect nature, archeological culture and heritage of the land on which many cultures crossed paths throughout the ages. Wild nature, untouched by human hands is breathtaking.

It is nature that plays the most important role here. The area, although inhabited by people for ages, was to a large extent depopulated after World War II (the Ukrainian people were displaced into the USSR) and the former arable land became overgrown with forests. Most of the period pieces confirming the cultural mix in these parts were destroyed during or right after the War. However in many villages there still are single cottages, built before the War, with characteristic carved window heads and windowsills never seen in Polish building. The turbulent time of World War II left a painful mark on this flat nostalgic woodland. Here, in the Sobibór Landscape Park the Nazis set up one of the extermination camps for Sobibór Jews.


Tartomány: LUBELSKIE
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