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Industrial Monuments Route in Silesia


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Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Śląskiego, Wydział Kultury, Referat promocji dziedzictwa industrialnego
Tartomány: ŚLĄSKIE

It is made up of 36 sites which are the industrial heritage of the region.  It is a themed tourist car trail.

It is a regional tourist trail dedicated to the sites connected with the industrial heritage of Silesia. Currently it includes 36 sites associated with the tradition of mining and metallurgy, the energy industry, railways, hydro-engineering, communications, the food industry as well as other fields. Visitors can get to know the industrial traditions of the Silesian region through interesting tours, multimedia presentations and events held on every site. The aim is to show the region as an attractive tourist destination, to show its culture and traditions and create, on this basis, a diversified offer to tourists. The institutional organisation of the Trail of Monuments to Technology allows the visiting of facilities individually, as well as part of a group. On each of the locations is an information board with basic information about the facility or place in three languages and also with suitable road signs. A brochure is also available with a guide to the trail. The first “Industriada” took place in 2010 which is a celebration of Trail of Monuments to Technology. Silesian Tourist Organisation – Katowice (woj. Slaskie) www.slaskie.pl


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Tartomány: ŚLĄSKIE
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